We are a group of passionate researchers which actively work on the field of artificial intelligence. We are located in Peru. We apply our research with the main objective to improve the quality life in our society through the application of artificial intelligence technology. We strongly believe that, technology must be only used in favor of the development of human kind.

Dr. Professor Luis Aguilar


I am a principal mathematician professor at the National University of Piura in Peru. My areas of interest are related with the application of mathematics in artificial intelligence.

CS. Engineer L. Antonio Aguilar


I am a graduated computer science student. I am from Peru. My areas of interest are machine learning, deep learning and data science. In particular I am interested in applying generative models to diverse problems.

Coll. Stdnt. Jose A.G.


I am a currently studying chemistry engineer at the National University of Trujillo, Peru. My interest areas are focused in research applications in chemistry. I am also interested in artificial intelligence applications in chemistry.