Last Update: 04/22/2020. The updates will be in a hiatus.


Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. The disease causes respiratory illness (similar to the flu), with symptoms such as cough, fever, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. Since its discovery in 2019, it have rapidly spread around the globe. In this report, we aim to inform the Peruvian community about the evolution trend of Covid-19 in Peru. To do so, we use the data provided from the Johns Hopkins University. This data is updated every day at 11:59 (UTC). Our reports are updated from monday to friday at 7:00 pm (PET). Also, since the University updated their data; we only shown the accumulative cases. This means we do not take into considerations the active, recovery and death cases. problems.

COVID-19 in Peru

In the map, we can see the the cases by departments. Each red dot represent a number of cases. The larger the dot, the more the cases. The graph at the left shows the cases by each department. To see the graph in more detail, click over the image to zoom in.

In the same way, we can compare how the cases have evolve in comparison with the previous day. As we can see, some cities have a lower number of cases; which is good, meanwhile others have presented some increment. Here, it is important to not panic, since we can lower the cases with: Social distancing.

COVID-19 in South America

Covid-19 evolves different in each country. Here we shown the data until: 04/22/2020. As we can see, in south America, Brazil have the majority of cases (45757), been followed by Peru (19250). This could drastically increase if Social Distancing is not taken seriously.

As we can see, there are diverse changes in the number of cases. Finally, we shown the total cases in Peru.