I. Introduction

This application detects the risk of presenting Pneumonia from X-ray images. The method uses a powerful state of the art algorithm, which detect pneumonia from the images. This is an initial work, and is in no way a replacement for a professional doctor. Instead its aiming is to support Doctors in the diagnosis of pneumonia. Allowing them to focus all their knowledge on other critical aspects, which require human intervention. Also, since this proyect can be applied to multiple images images; it speed up the diagnosis time, and reduce the waiting time of the treatment.


II. How it works

Below there are some input images. This x-ray images have been collected from real patients. To run the demo, click on any image to get its diagnosis. The results will show the probability of having or not pneumonia. Also a zonal image analysis is performed. This serves as evidence to help Doctors to understand how the algorithm make the diagnosis. Click on any image to see their diagnosis (note: The diagnosis will open in a new tab).